Wake Me Up When Election Ends

Strolling around Facebook is getting more difficult each day. And it is beginning to become a source of irritation. Why? Election. That’s why.

With the presidential election being a month away, I cannot help but see a wave of irritable people and posts. And I always get to see lots of opinionated posts that I would be happy if they shoved it in their asses. Unfortunately, they do not know how. Because of that, I pulled out one out of my ass, and posted it. Here it is.

The post was a reply to a certain newspaper post by a certain journalist. I mean no harm or anything. I want to get my sorry ass out of trouble. It is just that, sometimes, it is hard for me to ignore these stuffs.

Edit: I removed my comment from the Facebook post. I realized that I don’t want to draw any attention to me. So, here I am, shoving my opinion in my ass.

Pardon me for the intrusion, but I want to share my five cents in this post. I will refer to the author, not to the exact person who posted this. I just want to share my thoughts, and I apologize to you in advance if this post is an inconvenience.

As a disclaimer, I want to say that I respect Duterte and see him as one of the best presidential bets that the Philippines has seen. However, it is kinda ironic that Duterte was well praised in this article and most of the other candidates were put into bad light.

Well, it is kinda funny that the author did not even say anything concrete about Miriam. He just quoted her, and he did not even say any praise or derogatory comments about the senator. It is safe to say that this is an advertorial post. This is a biased post for a candidate. This is not something that a journalist must put into the local newspaper. But that is just my opinion. I am just referring to what was quoted. If this was the full article, I will stand on my case. But if it isn’t, then I will retract my statement.

If we are talking about promises that cannot be fulfilled, Duterte has said one of the most ambitious promises made by a candidate in history. That promise is to abolish crime and corruption in three to six months. As a layman like me, it sounded like Eddy Gil who promised that he will give each Filipino a million pesos.

Are you saying that his promise is true because he specified a time? Is that the reason his promise should be true because it was time based? If you are referring to SMART action planning, then Duterte’s promise failed to show that it is SMART.

SMART: Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Yes, the goal is specific. But was there an exact plan provided on how he will achieve the goal? None. Measurable? No, there is no plan. There is nothing to measure. Duterte did not provide the numbers. All he said that he aims to eliminate all.

Achievable? Filipinos should know how bad the government’s state when it comes to corruption. Corruption has entrenched the government since time immemorial. Corruption has rooted deep in this society. Removing it in three to six months, is, surely, not achievable. Also, it is not realistic.

Timely. He provided a time. It seems timely because we need his solution fast. But considering the ambitious goal that comes with this plan, the amount of time, yet again, is unrealistic.

If people would praise Duterte and compare him to other candidates, I believe that this type of comparison is not really the best. Just like other candidates, he made promises like a typical trapo. And always remember that Duterte did not magically turned Davao into heaven in six years. He did it for two decades. Consider how large the Philippines is to Davao and the differences in executive powers and responsibilities.

I do not want to be pessimistic, but I want people to know that our country will not be instantly “cured” overnight, in three or six months, nor in one presidential term.

And just to be fair with Roxas, the article mentioned that his promises were not the ones the Filipino people want to fulfill. I was scratching my head for the inconsistencies. As far as I know, Roxas also wants to fight corruption, fix the traffic on EDSA, and etcetera. Are those things you do not want to be accomplished?

Aside from that, if traffic will be the basis for getting a presidential candidate, Duterte already said himself that he cannot fix that traffic. He said that last year as far as I can remember.

Going back to topic, in case you watched the presidential debate, Duterte even said that he would incorporate Roxas’ plans into his. I do not really understand the logic in this article, to be frank. But I know one thing. This is just an advertorial article for the good mayor.


Duterte is not that different, trapo wise. The article posted was biased for one candidate. If it was supposed to be a campaign material, it was written in bad taste.

Hopefully, when one campaigns for a candidate, he must at least forget about crab mentality. Pushing one up, pulling everyone else down.

It is okay if the article or material was at least informative, factual, and not opinionated. If it is an opinion, it must be at least sound and logical. Unfortunately, the article I am referring now is not. Too bad.


Baking My Way Out of Life – Part 2

Today’s post should have been different. But I thought it was too personal to share, so I will revert back to this topic.

So, I was able to make fry bread. I was really excited. And the thought just struck my head. Why did I not do this in the first place. This is some kinda form of baking, right? Actually, no. This was clearly frying. But the good news is that, I made a bread — not exactly the way I wanted it, but still.

Due to this new found “glory,” I started to experiment. Yes, it is experiment time. Since I really want to make breads, I need to exhaust what I have. In a few days, I made fried pizza, fried loaves, and every bread recipe that you can do using frying.

However, I found a problem. This is not exactly healthy and efficient. First, the pieces bread I make are oily. But not that much to be honest. You would not really know it. Nevertheless, I know the amounts of oil I need to use is insane. And since I am also using oil, a lot of oil, I am aware that it is an added cost I should not have when making bread.

I need to fix those issues.

Dry heat. I need dry heat to bake. But how can I achieve it? A thought came up. I will bake using my wok. No oil, no nothing. I am going to heat up my wok, take advantage of the dry heat it will produce, and bake.

I search the web for this type of method. I found none. Although, there is, but it does notuse a wok. And I found that out too late. I was able to be successful without a guiding hand from Google.

So, what I did was preheat the wok, and covered it with something. After that, I placed a dough on its center. After a few minutes, I got bread! A nice piece of bread!

But I was faced with another problem. It was baked unevenly. The bottom part was a bit roasted and crispy, but the top side was too pale and squishy. It did not brown. But despite that, the insides are completely okay.

I needed to find a way to lessen the heat on the bottom of the dough. I tried to find a rack. That should prevent the dough’s bottom to be in direct contact with the wok and the heat of the gas stove.

But I do not have a rack. I looked at my kitchen and I found a ceramic saucer. That will do. I tried it another time. The result was now better. The bottom was a bit crisp, but not that hard to the teeth. And the top browned a bit. Baking time was extended though.

This is how I made bread for a few days. However, another problem arose. My ceramic plate/saucer cracked and it splitted into two parts. Damn. But still, it was worth the experiment. It proved that I can bake with a wok.

With that confidence, I have now the courage to invest. I bought a small loaf pan. The dimensions were 8″ x 3″ x 2″ [edited, I indicated the dimensions in feet; I was writing about pergola dimensions a while ago, LOL] as far as I can remember. I brought it home and fitted it on the work. Actually, it could really work better than the plate.

Since a wok is not exactly flat like a sauce or frying pan and it is curved, the pan does not directly get in contact with the center of the wok, where the gas stove is directly under. When I placed the rectangular pan, the only parts that touched the wok were its four corners. Excellent. There was no need for a rack anymore, and it will surely cook evenly now.

And I was right. I created my first finely shape white bread loaf. That is where I am today, and I believe I will continue baking my breads this way. I do not need an oven anymore. And the only time I will buy one is when I will start a business baking or if I garner enough spare money. But at this time, I am happy. I hope I can bake more better pieces starting from now.

Thank you for listening. I appreciate it!


Baking My Way Out of Life – Part 1

Baking has been one of my frustrations ever since. I wanted to create my own bread loaves, donuts, and cakes. Why? Because I wanted to be self sufficient — not to mention that I always wanted to try this “culinary art.” I always loved cooking (though I admit that laziness frequently prevents me to do stuff in the kitchen).

So, why baking has been a frustration of mine? Firstly, I can’t do it before. I do not have an oven, a whisk, a bowl, and every baking tools that you can think of. I do not have a blender, mixer, or any food processor — just my trusty Chef’s knife.

But now that I’m living alone, I gained the freedom to experiment more on my food. Yes. Being at home with the family prevents me from doing ridiculous stuff on our kitchen utensils and food. After all, they eat what I cook; the last thing my family wants to happen is for us to die from my food poisoning.

What does experimenting has to do with baking? Alas, even if I am living alone now, I still do not have the utensils and the important oven at my disposal. However, yeah, I am renown as a quirky nutcrack when it comes to improvising stuff. Of course, only a select few know that — mostly the ones who have experienced my ingenious and lived to tell the tales.

When I was still a teen, I have gone so far to create an oven of my own. We had an old cabinet. I believe its dimensions were 4′ x 8′ x 2′. I hollowed it out. Covered the insides with aluminum foil. Sealed it with whatever I had in my toolbox. Installed a temperature reader. And voila! A cabinet turned into a lousy oven.

How did it work? Well, I modeled it as a charcoal oven. I placed burning charcoals on the bottom. Placed an aluminum tray on its “rack.” And baked away.

What happened next? Of course, it was an obvious disaster. The wooden walls of the cabinet started getting charred. And instead of the fragnant smell of baked goods, it released smoke coming from the burnt wood.

What happened to the dough I placed? Well, it was baked alright. But instead of getting a well baked fluffy roll, what I got was a super dense roll. From where I am, it is called “Putok.”

Yes, it was edible. My father even approved of its taste. However, it was not enough. It want to have a decent roll. I am not a fan of hard breads. I want to achieve fluffy ones.

Please be assured that I followed the recipe to the T. My dough rised and I kneaded it well. The mistake and problem I had with it is that the temperature was not able to hot and even reach a temperatutre of around 300F or 150C. My dough fell flat, and hence the result was flat and hard pieces of bread. I gave up. I can never bake without enough money to buy an oven.

Fast forward to today. The cabinet oven is gone. I had no choice but to throw it away. I was able to reintroduce myself to baking. I truly believe that eating bread is a tad cheap alternative solution to rice. Aside from being a bit cheaper, it was also a convenient food compared to rice. It has a longer shelf life — around two to three days. It is always ready to eat. And I do not need always need to have a viand cooked for me to enjoy my bread.

So, I looked what I have in my new home. A spatula, wok, and single gas stove. First thing that came to my mind was frying. And I realized. There should be a way to cook bread by deep frying. Instead of hot air, I believed that hot oil will do. So, I Google’d.

Lo and behold. I was surprised. Why did I not think of it before. Before my eyes, I saw the recipe for fry bread! It was a Native American food. The recipe was simple — flour, salt, baking powder, and water. I think I can do that!

I hoarded all the ingredients I needed. Mixed, kneaded, and fried. And I got myself some nice fry bread! I was happy. So happy. All I did is to talk about it all day or week long. It was a discovery!

And damn it. I am writing too much. I guess I will write this post in parts. I have work to do, and I am hungry. This is exactly the problem when you are writing about food. Anyway, I hope that I can follow this up!

Something about the Unpleasant People Rooting for a Presidential Candidate

The title is awkward. But I do not want to draw any attention, which defeats the purpose of this post. And this should have been a Facebook post. But meh. I do not want to get tangled along with these political shenanigans. I just want to let it out here. Been accidentally reading a lot of eye soring posts and comments on the web.

Really now. So, if you are voting, campaigning, and defending Duterte, you are thinking? If you do it for the other candidates, you are not? And being desperate is a good enough reason to be uncivilized? Truth be told, even before Duterte or even the election campaign phase has started, these internet war mongers have been on the web already.

These uncivilized folks who run rampant on comment sections on the Internet have been bashing everyone with their unpleasant replies and disgusting remarks on every issue that they find not “according to their tastes.”

Them being too passionately barbaric online is not because they are running under the banner of a person. They act like that because it is the way they are. To be frank, not all Duterte supporters are as rabid as those people are. I can cite many names, but for sure, you will not recognize any of them, so let us take Chito Miranda, lead vocalist of Parokya ni Edgar, as an example.

As he always say in his social media accounts, “respeto.” You can campaign for your favorite presidential candidate with respect. You can deal with other people with a different opinion and candidate with respect. And with respect, you will achieve harmony. Not to mention, people will hear you out.

Because saying, “TANGNAMO BINAYARAN KA LANG NI <insert candidate’s name here>”, is not really worth listening and reading. It does not say anything about your candidate, the other person, and his candidate. It only says something about who you are.

They are or are not desperate; they just want to keep on running their mouths. But can you tell me; is that proof that they are thinking and desperate? The thought seems oxymoronic — more on the moron part, less on the oxy[gen]. Bad pun. I know.

This could be a bit harsh, but they act as uneducated people. Do note that being educated does not mean you should complete a college course. Being educated means that you have been taught and you apply civility, and other traits needed, to achieve a well-refined community.

Anyway, be ashamed if you are defending these uncultured folks. If you are a Duterte supporter, and you are in favor of “eliminating corruption,” do not let the old man do all the work. As far as I know, corruption does not only equate to people with power stealing government funds. That is just one form of it — political corruption to be precise.

Corruption according to Merriam-Webster:

  • impairment of integrity, virtue, or moral principle : depravity
  • decay, decomposition
  • inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means (as bribery)
  • a departure from the original or from what is pure or correct

In the most basic sense, are they not good examples of “corrupted people”?

That is just one part of the story. All I want to impart is this: if you want to have a great country, it starts with you. If you want a good leader to fix all the problems in this country, you better make sure that you deserve one. Change starts with you. The problem with corruption is not in the government alone. It starts with every individual.

This could have been a longer post, but reasons and because.


Strategies for Success – Simple Ways to Win in Laser Tag

It’s already December, and I’m getting nostalgic for some reason. Since I started working at home, corporate Christmas parties have become something uncommon for me. However, despite that, I did experience a Christmas party a few years ago.

And for some unknown reason, or maybe a whim, my bosses (from the freelance writing job I have) decided to celebrate an offline Christmas event/party in a laser tag recreational center in Market! Market! Taguig.

Despite being an unhealthy pig, I still remember my team’s sweet victory. I humbly take the credit for our success since I was on the top of the leader boards with the most kills (and my teammates would not bother reading this anyway, hehe).

Anyway, I would want to talk about laser tag, and tell you folks how you can be good at it. As an FPS (First Player Shooter) games addict and someone who played the game and won versus more than a hundred noobs at laser tag, I am a credible source! Teehee~

Laser tag is like any other game – it separates the winners from the losers. If you’re tired of being among the latter, you may want to consider trying some effective strategies that have led many combatants, including me, to success. There’s no need to worry about coming up with complex battle plans though, as these tactics are as simple as they come.

  • Corner Defense – while it’s true that most laser tag arenas are huge open areas, it’s also true that these places have tons of walls. By staying near an angled wall (the kind that keeps your back and sides protected), you won’t have to worry that much about being shot. That means you’ll only have to focus on your aim as you fire away on those unfortunate enough to move into your sight. By the way, having your back up against a wall should make it easier for you to blend into your surroundings, meaning you’ll really be hard to spot even while you’re shooting away at the opposing team.
  • Split Up Right Away – if you’re thinking that staying close to your team is the way to success, you need to have your head examined. Just consider the fact that you’ll be wearing blinking LEDs, and you’ll realize that you become much easier to see the closer you are to your team mates. After all, you’ll end up combining the brightness of those lights if your team moves as a unit. The best and simplest approach to working as a team is to split right away – move towards completely opposite directions. If the arena has multiple levels, meaning it’ll be possible to stay above your opponents, then make sure that you have some people on the upper areas.
  • Confuse Your Opponents – it’s also an option to divide your team into pairs, with one person acting as decoy and another serving the role of marksman. While this is quite straightforward, you have to keep in mind that randomly choosing who gets to run around and who gets to shoot won’t pay off. It’s necessary to consider the skills of each member of your team. Those quick on their feet should obviously serve as distractions since they’re more than capable of dodging enemy fire. The ones who are adept at aiming should sit quietly in their chosen corners and tag the confused enemies one by one.
  • Don’t Make a Sound – while it’s necessary to communicate with your team mates from time to time, it’s still ideal to stay completely silent for most of the game’s duration. That way, you won’t attract too much attention as you move in the arena. Keep in mind that people with good hearing are more than capable of pinpointing where you are after noticing any sound you’ve made. Also, since your steps could make audible noises, you may want to move in a cat-like manner. If you’re unsure whether you’re capable of doing that, try walking stealthily at home and see whether anyone will notice that you’ve been moving from room to room.
  • Stalk and Kill Your “Favorite People” – Yep, this was my biggest secret. You don’t need to think too much. Just shoot them dead every time you see them. Follow them while they recover, and shoot them again. It’s fun that way. Doing this will give you a constant stream of points, and those people won’t be able to counter fast. Their guns will take some time to “reload”, and it will give you a definite advantage. Not to mention it will give some despicable morale boost, which I believe is the core in winning this kind of games.

With these strategies (and with a good team), you’ll surely be triumphant. Well, if you’re going to LazerXtreme (www.lazerxtreme.com.ph) for some laser tag action, winning means you’ll get to enjoy the kind of iced tea that’s specifically served for the pleasure of champions — freshly extracted and made from orphan and widow tears.


Fukuoka beyond the Cherry Blossoms


Fukuoka’s festivals are not limited to the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival held every spring. Summer festivals like Hakata Gion Yamakasa also bring in large numbers of tourists every year.

More often than not, people who know me well see me flailing around whenever I hear the word “Japan”. With all the anime stuff I have been hoarding around for years, I’m one of many weirdos in the world who would do anything just to pay homage to my “spritual” birth of place at least once every year.

Anyhow, as you might have guessed, anime geeks like me would first stop by in Akihabara in Tokyo. Aside from being the center of anime culture, it is still a renowned shopping district when it comes to electronic goods — yes, electronic goods. Mwehehe.

But enough about that. I’m sure you already know and read a lot about Akiba, so let me talk about another place I like to visit in Nihon no kuni: Fukuoka.

The city of Fukuoka in Japan offers tourists much more than the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival held every spring. If you’re thinking about going to Fukuoka at any other time of the year, there are still a number of things to do and sights to see to make your visit worthwhile.

  1. One major festival that Fukuoka is known for other than the Cherry Blossom Festival is the Hakata Gion Yamakasa held every July 1-15. This highlight of the festival is the float race wherein some of the local men — yes, MEN — wear native costumes and run through the city’s streets carrying one-ton highly colorful floats. Who says Japanese festivals aren’t as lively as ours?

    (WARNING: Almost all of the men who participate in the race are barely clothed in accordance with tradition. So if seeing adult men’s butt cheeks isn’t your thing, then it’s probably best to move on to the next activity. Unless… you enjoy a game of pin the tail on the donkey.)

  2. Ramen is, of course, a Japanese favorite, more so in Fukuoka, whose homegrown variety of the famous noodle soup dish is known as tonkotsu. To savor this local favorite while in Fukuoka, just drop by any of the many yatai (the local version of turo-turo) throughout the city or visit the famed Ramen Stadium in the Canal City Shopping Centre which has 8 different restaurants that all serve—surprise, surprise—ramen. So, make sure to get some Hakata Ramen while you’re here.
  3. Ramen isn’t the only food that Hakatakko (a term used to refer to people who live in Fukuoka) go crazy over. In fact, Fukuoka is known as the birthplace of Motsunabe (beef or pork offal hotpot) and Mizutaki (chicken hotpot), so it would do you well to also try these local dishes during your stay there. The local seafood is also highly recommended. You can get it freshly caught from the adjacent Sea of Genkai.
  4. Are you a beach bum? Then you’ve probably had your fill of beaches without ever leaving our country’s shores. But if you want to go to Japan and still experience the right amount of sun, surf, and sand, then a visit to Fukuoka is just what you need. Specifically, the city boasts a man-made beach in Momochi district. You can go there for a walk on the sand or a dip in the water without going too far from your hotel (if you’re staying somewhere in the city center). Favorite beach activities of the locals include beach volleyball and dog walking.
  5. When you fly back home, you can take a piece of Fukuoka with you as a remembrance of your visit. Perhaps the best options for you in this case are the traditional wood and textile crafts for which the city is well-known. Whether these are for your own use or as pasalubong for your loved ones, you can’t go wrong with handcrafted items such as lunchboxes, wallets, dolls, and toys as these are fully functional and aesthetically pleasing. Or you can just take a warm and fresh loin cloth. Wearing one during your flight will never ever make you forget Japan. Banzai! Nihon! Banzai!

Thankfully, traveling to Fukuoka at any time of year is now made easier with Cebu Pacific Air beginning its thrice weekly direct flights from Manila on December 17, 2015. Go to www.cebupacificair.com and book your flight now!

Bloggys 2015? Should I Get Involved or What?


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It has been a while. When was the last time that I posted here in my blog? November 13, 2013 — whew. It has been a year and eight months (or more? I’m bad in Math) already. I can’t say I miss it though. Blogging is not really an effective past time for me since I am already a writer. Writing an extra page a day depresses me.

Anyway, I remembered my blog (this pile of shit) after I stumbled upon a site: http://bloggys.ph/. The site is about a new blog award giving entity. The page has details about when and where it will be held and who and what are going to be involved in it. It’s the first time I saw it, so I’m not really sure if it has been around for a while or if it is really something fresh.

To be honest, I have never been interested in blog awards. Usually, blog awards are reserved to big blog sites and members of popular blogging circles. My blog is so small in the internet and I am not part of any blogging circles. So, there is no need for me to be concerned about it.

Unfortunately, the inner loser in me is crying. It wants something to soothe its ego. And it is making me feel antsy. It seems that I want to try – make an effort, become an attention whore, and be nominated at the very least in Bloggys 2015.

According to the website, there are 33 days remaining until it starts the nomination stage for blogs. Hmm. My blog is already old. It has been three years since I published this sorry excuse for a blog on the internet. But I don’t have a lot of content to show. And I am sure that this is not the best thing you will ever see on the web.

If I try to fill this blog up for a month, will my site be considered as a nominee? Fat chance. But why not? Because. Because I don’t have a lot of time and energy to devote on a whim.

What will I get if I become noticed by all the sempais/senpais in the blogging community? I’m sure that it won’t be money. Fame? Well, a bit. Do I need fame anyway? Hmm… The list of judges they have boasts big names in the media/publishing industry (in the Philippines). Will they notice and hire me if I get a chance to participate?

That would be something awesome. But I guess I am dreaming too much. And do I want that anyway? In the first place, I’m already a few steps away from giving up writing. It is not because writing is bad or boring. It’s just exhausting for me. Maybe I just need a better hobby or job? I don’t know.

Anyway, for some of you who troubled yourself in reading my post, thank you very much. It has been a long time. And I know that I don’t have a big audience to start with – I did not perform any campaign for this blog anyway.

I admit that I am interested in the event, but my procrastination ridden self is trying to avoid additional consumption of sugar, protein, or whatever. I might contact the ones that are managing the event and know the criteria or the other things my blog needs to have to be able to participate.

For those of you who have blogs and are active in updating them, I recommend joining the event (they might have free food, you know?) Unlike me, you might have the passion and potential to become renowned bloggers and get some flashy awards in the process. You should not waste that. This event might change something in your life. I’m a bit exaggerating, but we will never know what the future holds. There is no risk for you anyway, so why not?

On the other hand, if you have a few blogs that you like and you want to repay or thank the bloggers behind them, it might be best that you tell them to participate in Bloggys 2015 and support them. You might get free candy. Nah. Just kidding. But seriously though, why not?

Essays.ph: Essays Dot Pi Ecchi – A Perverse Tale of Perseverance


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November 21, 2011

I got three skills that I can use to earn while sitting in front of my computer at home.

However, I only need to choose one since I am a lazy bastard who is incapable of doing three different things at the same time.

Unfortunately, using any of them has disadvantages.

The first will make me earn little money.

The second will make me look high and low all over the net just to earn little bit money.

The third one will make me look high and low all over the net and pray to whoever is up there just to earn little bit more money.

I cannot decide. I will hunt for online jobs again after a few days.

November 22, 2011

I started searching.

I cannot be picky anymore. The first thing I will see on the net will be my job.

Then boom.


What the hell is that?

Bes-ta pre-na-do nang ray-te-ro?

First thing… First thing… First thing…

Writing… Do I have writing skills..? Nope. Might as well get back to this later…

November 23, 2011

I need to pass a sample article to become a legitimate writer…

I also need to answer the questionnaire…

GC = Grace Credits

That was easy…

Car Insurance for Minors

What the hell is that?!

I am going to write something about that?! I don’t even have any clue on what a car is!

November 28, 2011

Five days have passed… I registered as a member.

Username? Since this company seems too professional, I should also use a professional sounding username…

I will regret that mistake.

An article containing 500 words about Car Insurance for Minors – submitted.

Time to wait for two weeks…

December 12, 2011

Two weeks have passed… I received nothing. The message was still untouched.

I need to pass now! I want to join the Christmas Party! Please! I’ll treat it as a birthday gift from you!

I waited for another week.

December 19, 2011


We are sorry to inform you that your application for essays.ph has been rejected. We’re afraid it’s not the type of article we’re looking for. However, you may read up on web content writing styles and try to submit samples again after a week. We recommend to polish on grammar and proper sentence construction.

Thank you for the time and effort.


I failed – no Christmas party, no birthday gift, and no job.

December 26, 2011

I revised the article I submitted.

Applicant/Sample Article – Sent 26 December 2011 – 02:21 AM

No hours should be wasted… Another two weeks… This feels forever.

January 9, 2012

As expected… Nothing yet. Another week… Why am I waiting..?

I know quite well that I have no writing skill. Why did I choose this?

January 12, 2012

Applicant/Sample Article – Received 12 January 2012 – 08:05 AM

Hello there!

Congratulations! You have been accepted, and are now an official member of essays.ph. You may start by reading the EPH Manual to familiarize yourself with the assignment queuing system and our rules and policies. You should also visit the Training Section, as it contains practical tips and guides that are not included in the manual.

Happy writing! We’re looking forward to working with you.



Note: Please wait 1 to 3 business days for your account to be transferred to a normal team. In the meantime, please review the manual carefully

If 3 days have passed since you received this message and you are still part of the black team, please contact the Livechat staff (the link can be found at the main forum hub). They will ask for a copy of this approval message.

September 15, 2013 – Present Day

I have 1 unread message, 10% warning, 1,160 forum posts, 631 points, 4 grace credits, 225 reviewed assignments,  and a grade of **.9% (LOL, I won’t tell, you sneaky bastards). Approximately, according to the system, I have submitted a total of 206,257 words. Well, I have done more than that since most of the assignments that I made for the past year were not counted in the new system. On a different note, the system’s dashboard is telling me not to take things too seriously.

Ten to eleven weeks from now, I will celebrate my second anniversary in EPH. I don’t really plan to celebrate. But I will surely have a big grin once that date comes.

Up to this point, I tried to get away from this online job and look for another, but I am still here – writing articles about dogs. It seems that this company and its hired goons will be together with me for a long time.

I have no reason to go away, really. I kid, I kid. I just wanted to say that just for kicks since I know well that somebody from the editorial department will stumble upon this article a few days from now.

Anyway, what can I say? I have let you see a part of me when I am still in the process of becoming one of the company’s article writers. It seems that I enjoyed and still enjoying the ride here.

I do hope that I’ll stay longer. Most pro’ly, I will.

By the way, the indefinite hiatus thingy is now broken or something like that. Expect that I’ll be posting again after a few days.

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Hidden Tranquilizer’s Anniversary


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It was exactly around this time when I established this blog on WordPress. I really do not remember clearly why and how I did it. Nevertheless, this blog has become an avenue for me to explore on another different avenue when it comes to writing.

Unfortunately, I was not able to maintain it like the other blogs ran by devoted bloggers. I wished that I was able to do that, but tons of reasons, events, and people, which include me, rendered that wish as a wish only. And there is no way I can fill in those missing dates wherein I should have posted – there are so many instances I was not able to post.

Anyway, it is sad that I wanted to post a lot here. However, most of the topics I thought of having posted were not appropriate in this place. On the other hand, I am too lazy to edit my posts to accommodate the ‘niche’ I wanted to establish here.

Well, actually, the biggest reason I was not able to keep up with this is time. As the days go by, time has become a resource that I do not have in abundance. And I regret to say that this post is the post that will claim that this blog will be on an indefinite hiatus officially.

I know that nobody gives a damn on what I just said. Well this post will serve as a marker for me. A marker that will remind me a few things about this blog and the reason I was not able to fill it with a lot of my nonsensical babble.

Questioning My Submission’s Worth


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I am now in a situation where I ask myself if what I submit is worth the money I get in return. I am definitely sure that the company or middleman that I am working for is paying lower than the rest. But I get to enjoy full automation – its personnel deal with the clients, process the money, edit my work to raise its quality, and give me some helpful criticism about my submissions.

But I wonder. As I said a million times before, I am not that great when it comes to writing. But I can safely say that I can write better than some of my colleagues. And I can assure that I can raise the quality of my work a tad if I provide more time writing my articles.

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Importance of Introductions


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Whatever you are writing, you must never forget to include introductions. And when it comes to blogging and search engine optimization, it makes or breaks your chances of getting visitors. Remember, on the internet, there are better articles than the ones you have.

First Impression
Let us say you are in a bar, and you want to get the mobile number of that hot chick who is drinking her martini. Saying ‘let’s have sex’ immediately will of course result to a failed attempt – unless she is a whore. You will need to introduce yourself first to get her attention, and make a decent impression.

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One Year of Writing


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Alas, it has been already a year since I started working as a web content writer. It has been 12 months of nonstop headaches because of the obscure and weird topics I needed to discuss. I have endured 52 weeks of experiencing restless nights because of deadlines I needed to beat. And I have survived 365 days of constant confusion about how I can improve at this craft I chose last year.

To be quite frank, it is exactly a year and a month now (plus two weeks). I already scheduled this topic; however, I was busy (procrastinating) for the past few weeks. Fortunately, I created a draft, so I remembered to continue this post.

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I’m Funnier Than a Corpse and Lamer Than a Snail


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Why is it too easy to post something out of the blue than to write something for your work? I have a few pending articles that I need to submit later this evening, but damn it. I am not feeling well, and something went wrong again.

Yeah, yeah. I know that I said something about talking funny and shit. I apologize if the funny part is missing, and all you can see is shit.

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First SEO Trick in Blogging


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If you are blogging because you want to try your thing on doing search engine optimization (SEO), you should proceed in reading this article. In case you do not know what I am talking about or you are not interested in learning how you can let the search engines know that your blog exists, then go ahead and visit my other posts instead. All right, since I got that clear, let me start.

The first SEO trick in blogging is not to blog. This concept is somewhat confusing. Here is a heads up; blogging is technically web logging. And if I take it literally, it will mean that a blog is a record of something on the internet, and a blogger is somebody who updates his log on the World Wide Web.

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Eulogia pro Amico: Secunda


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Young or old, death makes bodies fade. As life flies away, or ceases to exist, the body remains. And as time flows, the earth reclaims its children one by one.

You were ablaze in flames, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Wish your soul will be doused by eternal love. Heal the burns that you experienced in your lifetime.

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Yay! Finally, This Is Not Boring


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Okay, okay, I get it. Most of the stuff I posted here are damn deadly that it can raise a zombie back to life. So, in response to a certain somebody who accused me of being stiff all the time, which is true (if you know what I mean), I will write this way occasionally.

And, yes – I am damn capable of writing funny things on the internet. So, since I do not want to change my blog entirely because somebody asked me to be a little bit lively, this kind of posts will only appear every Sunday. I know you do not actually care if I schedule my posts, do you?

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A Different Perspective on Proofreading


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As many of you might know, proofreading is an effective way to ensure yourself that you can send high quality articles. However, it is probable that some of you do not know that it has other beneficial effects. They do not apply to your articles only, but applies to you as a writer also. You might search those things on the internet, and find that no other benefits exist.

Instant Gratification
Truth be told, many articles online tackle the instant gratifications, which proofreading can give to writers, only. You might reflect upon the times when you have done it, and recall no other thing besides the benefit of removing the flaws in your submissions. Nonetheless, they do not see the long-term effects that proofreading can give.
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How to Make Simple Active Sentences


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Active sentences are your bread and butter to keep your audience engaged in reading your essay. This concept is especially true when it comes to news, declarative, and sales articles. Using them allow the people who read your paper to understand all the things you want them to know.

This form of sentence construction puts emphasis on the doer of the action or the subject, in contrast to passive sentence, which put emphasis on the action instead. The active voice does not confuse readers about the doer and the receiver of the action. Also, using it frequently prevents the writer from committing verb tense inconsistencies on his paper.
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Eulogia pro Amico: Primo


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This event is unexpected, but it is expected. Time can change this paradox. Everybody dies – it is expected, but it is unexpected most of the time.

A friend of mine died – a truth that sent a wave of silence in my humanity. Many words have escaped me – except for the word ‘why’ that stayed in tranquility.

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How to Make Simple Correct Sentences


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Making a grammatically correct sentence is easy. To make one, you should never forget the two most important parts of sentences. The first part is the subject, and the second part is the predicate.

Also, you must never forget the meaning of a sentence. In the most basic sense, a sentence is a group of words that conveys a complete idea or fact. If a group of words does not make sense, it is just gibberish.

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The Id, Ego, and Super Ego


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Psyche is the overall entity that encompasses the human mind – conscious and unconscious. In the old times, people call it the soul. And it is the focus of psychology.

According to Mr. Freud, the psyche is composed of the Id, Ego, and Superego. The three plays huge roles in a human’s decision process. And their balance changes along with the stages of somebody’s life.

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Laments of the Betrayed


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Loyalty – is a hard thing to keep. Conflicting interests are some of the elements that make this more complex. And when a situation calls for a decision that will question your loyalty to him/her/it and yourself, everything goes haywire.

This does not make any sense to be honest. It is just that, sometimes, betrayal can push buttons – big buttons. Buttons you would not prefer to be pressed.

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Destroying Limitations and Exceeding Capabilities


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We humans have limits. We can categorize these limits into two types. The first one is the natural limit, and the second one is the self-imposed limit. Unfortunately, many people cannot differentiate the two.

Well, it is naturally difficult. The self-imposed limit appears when one thinks that he has reached his natural limit. On the other hand, many do not know when they reached their natural limit.

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Pessimism and Negativism


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According to certain sources, negativism and pessimism are the same. Well, just like my earlier topic, the research materials I read astounded me. The topic was not as simple as it seems.

I would like to challenge the behavior of those pessimistic people. However, the trait itself was deeper, and it is hard to fathom. And, unfortunately, the philosophers who advocated such characteristic mentioned many things that are difficult for me to understand.

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Cynicism and Narcissism


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I actually have a little idea of the meanings of these two words. However, I am still a little confused about them. And I believe I often meet many people with such traits.

Apparently, I met most of them online. To be honest, I am not quite sure if they have the two characteristics I mentioned. But they claimed that they have them.

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Cyberbullying: What Is It Exactly?


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Cyber bullying – it has become rampant. Given the lack of laws and protection in the World Wide Web, people have become victims of such an act. Even if there are campaigns against it, unfortunately, they are bearing no significant success.

What is it exactly? When a certain person attacks another via the internet, he commits cyber bullying. This attack is usually deliberate and continuous.

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Cliched Excuses


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When creating excuses, be creative. Because, truth be told, as people grow old, they face and debunk many clichéd excuses. And if you want them to believe you, you must think out of the box.

However, you must never let your mind go too far away. Thinking too much about an excuse can make it unreal. It is like saying that, ‘Since the planet Xyz crossed the star above Jeebuz’ wonderland, I cannot make it to the party.’

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The Advantages of a To Do List


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People, like me, benefit from to-do list hugely. This helpful thing not only allows me to arrange my schedules and appointments, but it also serves as an excellent reminder. For example, if I did not note this topic, I would never have written this post today.

My to-do list helps me keep track of every blog post topic that I need to write. Moreover, it reminds me if I need to meet someone, or do something outside. Even though it is somewhat frustrates every time I forget to check it, I still use it (I am not sure if I made sense in this sentence).

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Thoughts about Freelancing


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Okay, there are many reasons I have chosen to stay as a freelancer instead of becoming a fully pledged employee. But to sum it all up, it is all about freedom. Freedom and the power to control the usage of my time.

However, for the past few months, it seems that the ‘freedom’ I wanted and practiced has vanished. Through the course of time, instead of me controlling what I should do and when I would do my work, it seems that my work has controlled me.

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The Essence of Deterrence



Fear is one of the reasons that people still exist today. People fear the concept of deterrence. They are fearful of revenge and consequences.

Even if a person wants to kill another human being, he or she cannot. It is not always about religion. It is not endlessly about his or her morality that is keeping that person from committing murder.

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Freedom of Speech


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Fundamentally, freedom of speech is every person’s political right to express and communicate his or her ideas and opinions. And this comes with the freedom of expression. The freedom of expression allows a person to display his or her thoughts through any media possible.

However, one must remember that those political rights have their limitations. Those limitations are not too difficult to remember and to follow. As long as you know other people’s rights, you will never step out of those boundaries.

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Another Reason to Write


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Writing is like photography. Instead of taking snapshots of pictures or scenery, writing can let you take a snapshot of your current thoughts. And if you are a person who has many of those thoughts, it will be best for you to write them down.

Unfortunately, the mind is a not a suitable place to store ideas. It has the tendency to forget. It has the tendency to change the idea that you have.

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Nothing can be learned from this post. I know it will only revolve around my opinions about distractions. And it is about to start now.

One of the biggest problems that come with being a home based employee is distraction. Compared to an office workspace, my house is full with unsolicited commotions. Unfortunately, avoiding them is difficult.

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My Thoughts about Writing


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Since I have already posted an entry that is on the first person point of view, I might as well continue posting entries like that. I really do not want to directly interact with strangers on the World Wide Web or voice my opinion on anything on the open; or put the word I, me, mine, and my. But I think it is fine, as long as it is situated here.

It has been more than six months since I started writing for a web content publishing company (is that correct?). It was a struggle for me since I believe writing is not one of my fortes. But do not get me wrong. I do not dislike it and I once dreamed of becoming a writer.

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Essays.ph: Means to an End


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It has been a while since I posted here, and it is all because of Essays.ph. I am an employee of that website (company), and I write articles for its clients.

The Web: The Discovery

A year ago, I was poorer than a rat. A rat which has some major mortgage and loan issues. And because I was too tired of working in an office, I tried my luck on becoming a home based employee. Fortunately, I found Essays dot ph.

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Take The Test! Do Not Be Afraid!



In the end, people will be responsible for their actions. People should do what they believe is right. People should strive on the things they think is the best for them. People should not be discouraged. People should risk and not be afraid, and when failure comes, people should always resort to their plan B. There should be a plan B, though it is not usually planned.

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How to Face Revisions and Rejections


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Two of the most devastating scenarios that happen a lot of times in the content writing industry are revisions and rejections. Most of the new content writers on the industry see those scenarios as the end of their writing career. It might be, but not most of the time.

On the other hand, other writers see this as an opportunity, an opportunity to write better. They treat those occasions as second chances to prove they are worth the fee.

In addition, those two events can hurt a writer’s ego and pride, whether experienced or inexperienced. But are those two events enough to be used as reasons to give up writing? The answer to that is a big no.

Giving up will just lead you nowhere. For you to get the best result in writing you must learn its opposites: perseverance and fortitude.

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A Technical Love Story


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Changing lovers is like changing your operating systems. Windows being your current lover and Linux as the lover you would want. The system unit being you, the processor is your brain, and the storage device is your heart.

You want to change your Windows operating system because of the following reasons. You are getting viruses. This one major thing makes you processor too stressed out. This phenomenon results to your processor overheating. When this happens, your processor’s performance will degrade. In addition, those viruses will eat up your memory by putting junk inside your hard drive, which will result to additional performance deterioration.

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Hello World!


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Hello world! For programmers, it is the first program that they would ever learn. This is the first program their teachers will teach them and their programming books will tell them. Not only it is very simple to do, but also it is the best introduction for a novice of the programming world.

Typically, not only beginners use this program. Most experienced programmers use this basic program to familiarize themselves on other programming languages. Using this program will let them see what the programming language’s basic syntax is and how to use it.

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